Saturday, October 25, 2008

Negative Ads

As election approaches,all the commercials on TV appear to be political ads. There appears to be more negative ads against the opponent instead of positive ones for the candidate. I am not saying they don't influence me or my vote, but some people have already made up their mind, who they are pulling for.

Why can't the candidate focus on positive things they stand for, instead of putting down the other person. It does make yourself look bad, when you keep poking at the other candidate. I remember one candidate making the promise to stay away from negative ads before the primary. No, this promise was not kept.

I do want to see some change in this country. But it will take whoever wins, to actually stand behind their beliefs and promises made to the people. If you are going to make a promise, you must stand by it.

As the election approaches, I will do my best to make an educated vote. I will look into the issues that the candidates stands for that have meaning to me. I can only pray that afterward, the candidate who wins will have a good run. We all need to pray for America. And perhaps not put all of our hope in this election, but to see what kind of good changes we can make for our country to make it a better place.

Happy Voting! Make it an educated one! Stand by your beliefs regardless of influences by coworkers, friends, family, and negative ads.



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