Sunday, May 06, 2007

My review of Spider-Man 3

We can learn a lot from Spider-Man 3. I absolutely loved the movie. It taught me a few lessons, and hopefully it did to all the Americans that spent their money to watch it.

I won’t say that the movie had the best scenes, or the best acting, but I think it did have the best storyline, one that America has needed for a long time. I think the producers tried to hard to make it a summer blockbuster. Perhaps, they feel it would be a let down to people, if it had anything less. After all, isn’t that what we have come to expect. Would anything less be boring to us? Yes there are some scenes that need a lot of work to be believable. Some of the scenes, I thought they had turned the channel to another film. They were a bit cheesy. Why didn’t the producers run with the storyline? That is what sold the movie for me.

I have become somewhat of a fan of not Spider-Man, but Peter Parker. I think he is my favorite comic book hero. I don’t follow the comics, so I’m not really sure how much the movies portray them. Peter Parker is a very humble guy, one that I have come to love. I think it shows that a lot of ladies go for that. When Peter steps into the dark suit, his aggression becomes a turn off to everyone around him. Peter becomes so consumed with power, revenge, and arrogance he loses his true self. Aunt May tells Peter that that’s not what the fans want a hero to be.

Even Spider-Man is human, and has to live with his mistakes and pay for them, as every human being should. That is where I think Spider-Man 3 could have used more of Sandman. Who is this guy? I would like to hear more of his life story. I think this would really help the portrayal of humanity in the movie.

As an educator, I’m hoping that a lot of children and adults watch this movie. We teach our children everyday that life is about choices. If you make the wrong choice you are responsible for your actions. Not everyone is caught with a hand in the cookie jar. Those who are caught must do what is right and face the consequences, but it takes a real man to come out of hiding and do that. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, teacher, superhero, villain, or a political leader. Everyone should hold himself accountable for his or her own actions. If a leader cannot do that, he is not serving his people. That is why I often admit to my students that sometimes I am wrong. I want them to know that I’m human and make mistakes too, but I’m striving to be better. On another note, it’s very hard for us to see corruption without punishment. We only have to trust that in the end justice will be served and the good choices will have been the best ones.

This movie provided what America has need for a long time, a lesson in humility and forgiveness. Revenge, power, and arrogance can and will destroy. Spider-Man cannot serve the people if he is self-absorbed; neither can the leader of a country. America has become so materialistic and self absorbed, that we have failed to be a great people anymore. We have become so selfish, that we have lost focus of the rising struggles within and around us. We must learn to put our neighbors before ourselves, before we can find happiness and success. Even Spider-Man had to learn this the hard way. He had to forgive himself and his enemies to be a free and happy man.

And all you disappointed geeks can throw all the tomatoes you want, but the movie needed less of Venom.

The movie was a very hard one to watch, but well worth it. It has a sweet but sad ending. Yes, Spider-Man will pay for his mistakes and he can forgive and find forgiveness, but that will take some time and healing. Spider-Man can rest in the fact that he is not perfect, but forgiven. That is what every superhero and leader should do: learn from his mistakes, suffer the consequences, and strive to be a better man. No the movie isn’t perfect or doesn’t have that perfect ending. But for me personally, the movie has taught me a few life lessons and shown me where I can grow. It is a movie that should inspire humanity to be all it can be.

So go on, give Spider-Man 3 a chance.


  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger umberhaven said…

    Wow, excellent review. And, very deep. You must have some Aunt May in you. ;) I confess I didn't pick up on all the deeper meaning behind it.

    I might see it a 2nd time. If I do, you've given me some things to think about and to try to notice next time. Thanks for giving such a different perspective on the movie.

  • At 3:28 PM, Blogger Shaun said…

    Thank you! Your insight is impressive, I saw a film that failed to bring a message, I now realize I was not looking hard enough.


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