Monday, January 29, 2007

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Edna Fowler Manning

It's been a while since I last posted. It is with great regret and with yet rejoicing that I post at this time.

I lost my grandmother whom I called "Granny" on Wednesday evening, Jan, 25. My brother called about 8:30 or so with the news. So I made the arrangements to fly to GA on Thursday afternoon and back again on Sunday evening. My Granny was a great inspiration to me and everyone she met. She was most definitely a Christian. She had entered the nursing home in 2000, not long after Chris and I met. From there she suffered Alzheimer's. Sometimes she knew me and others she didn't. I have no regrets. I always made it a point to visit her when I was in town and told her I loved her many times. She had pneumonia off and on within this past year. Wednesday evening she entered the hospital because she was having trouble with her breathing. Thankfully, she did not suffer when she died, but passed peacefully into the hands of our Lord.

For My "Granny," who will never be forgotten.

Mrs. Edna Fowler Manning
March 10, 1926-Jan 24, 2007

-Loving wife, Mother of Three Children, Grandmother of 9, Great Grandmother of 6, Friend to all.

-You were a joy to be around! I loved to pick on you and you pick back.

-You were always trying to get me married off, when I told you I was patiently waiting for the right one.

-You were always trying to set your daughter up with another guy.

-You were a flirt, and called every man you met your boyfriend.

-You could argue with a rock.

-You loved to talk on the telephone.

- You were a great cook or so I am told. Nephews, neices and others would stick around just to taste your food.

-You didn't need make-up for you had a lot of natural beauty.

-You looked beautiful in your favorite color, red.

-You loved Southern gospel and country and bluegrass music. You could watch the country music station for hours.

-You played the guitar by ear and passed down your love of music to your children and grandchildren.

-You never met a person, who didn't love you.

-You always forgave no matter what anyone did.

-You had very little money, but were rich in life.

- Granny, I'm sure you're entertaining the angels in heaven. You'll always be remembered and missed.


  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Jennifer Olwin said…

    Lisa, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is clear from what you say about her that she was a great woman. Your last sentence made me think of the line from Babette's Feast, "My, how you will delight the angels!" It comes easy to believe that about people we love so much.


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