Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mexican Dip

I have never been a big fan of Mexcian food. However, I have found a recipe I really like. This makes a great appetizer for any Superbowl or any Sports party. I've always liked Hormel Chilli and Cream Cheese. (Cheesecake is my favorite desert.) I had never thought to put them together.

I received this recipe from the library assistant at school. We had snack day and she brought this dip. From what I've seen online you can either add or take away from this recipe.

Layer all the ingredients

First layer: softened cream cheese
Second layer: Hormel chilli
Third layer: salsa (if preferred)
4th Layer: Velveeta or Shredded Cheese
5th Layer: Add your favorite topping (green chilis, red peppers, etc.)

For my recipe I used only the cream cheese, chilli, and cheese. What can I say, I'm a plain Jane.
Warm if needed and enjoy.

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