Thursday, October 11, 2012

Second Update on Teacher Forgiveness Loans

Nearly every day I receive an email regarding a new post on this blog about the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Plan. I know within the last few years, after moving for a few times, I have had to take even lower paying jobs as a substitute, long-term substitute, part-time worker, and contract worker. All of these jobs I have taken without good pay and without any benefits. A lot of these jobs I have taken to support myself as a single adult still trying to pay my student loans in this economy. No doubt, I love my job and working with students and children. I have heard it said that "Teachers are missionaries." I believe this to be very true, and its own reward for helping future citizens. Yet, for myself, without a full-time position it is even harder to make ends meet and repay all of my student loans.

There are so many complaints posted here of people that have been denied forgiveness of their loans, because they had an "outstanding balance" before October 1998. Who starts school in October?!?!??! The last time I checked, students start their education in August or September of each year!!!!

I have wrote politicians in the past and posted on petition websites to voice my opinion regarding this matter. There has also been some updates on different laws regarding loan forgiveness since my previous two posts. If any readers have any helpful information for all of us wonderful, caring teachers out there, please post it here.

We teachers are all very angry and upset regarding this matter. For many of us, our salary has been lowered, our insurance premiums have been raised, and we are paying for more supplies out of our own pockets for students(because we care about their future!) Let's press on together for "Teacher Loan Forgiveness," by voicing our anger responsibly, for our own benefit, as well as our students, so we can keep doing what we do best, TEACH!


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