Sunday, July 16, 2006

Pet Peeves

There is something wrong with Americans today. Many have lost respect for others, being a few decent human beings left.

Being a teacher, I thought I should use my skill educate Americans on social etiquette. This is also for all the times I was too nice and kept my mouth shut, when maybe I should've spoken my mind.

Listen up America, here's how you improve for me :)

1. Turn your headlights on when it's raining!

2. Don't honk at me when I'm turning off a dangerous intersection, you're asking for an early death.

3. Have courtesy for those drivers trying to find a parking spot, they are courteous to you, the pedestrian.

4. Follow the marked arrows on the parking lot, they are there for a reason.

5. Truckers look out for your car driving friends that have a blind spot because of you.

6. Make those red lights to stay green for at least 5 seconds, but not over 5 minutes.

7. For all you DJ's, even good songs can become worn out. (Currently Daniel Powter’s “ Bad Day” No, every day isn’t bad.)

8. For the man behind the controls at the TV station, (Chris, I hope you're listening), don't play the same commercial every 5 minutes.

9. For the sweet little kiddies, Please be f*??s#^ QUIET in the theatre. Ooops!

10. Dear Parents, I was hired to educate your children, not you.

11. For the little kiddies and the big ones too, wait your turn to speak in a conversation.

12. Co-workers, You do your job and let me do mine.

13. College students, turn the stereo down so your old neigbors can get up and go to work in the morning.

14. Teenagers, don't throw your gum on the pavement, it's bad karma.

15. For all the waitstaff, good service means a good tip, bad service means none.

16. Smokers, some people didn't choose cigarettes, don't mess up their health too!

17. Parents, your child will model everything you do.

18. Telemarketers and salesmen: No means no, not maybe, so quit pushing the issue.

19. This one's from Mom, "If you're gonna make a mess, you can clean it up."

20. For everyone, lighten up a little, have a little more patience and a little less anger (Guess this tip's for me).

What's your pet peeve?