Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Where is Cinderella Now?

The popular song "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman has been a big hit with young and older girls and their fathers. His song and new album is about living in the moment. It has me thinking about a lot of things.

I believe the world has lost her Cinderella. Every woman wants to be that, but somehow they get caught in the trap of our busy world. Will a father let her be Cinderella, will her husband? I believe sometimes they do, but that is a very rare thing in our day and age.

Too many princesses have been wounded. They have traded their dream of a prince for a life slaving after work. The laundry has piled up. The dishes need to be washed. The children need to be taken care of. There are so many things to do for others, she has little to do for herself. Even after selfishly doing things for others, she has failed to be appreciated. Some princesses have been abused by their father or husband. Some have been neglected by her family. Some wives have traded their marriage for an affair, just to visit the ball again.

Most importantly, every princess wants to feel loved. Is she appreciated beyond her work and her duties? Have you spent time with her getting to know her soul? Have you danced with her? Have you taken her to the ball? Have you put her above your selfish needs to show her that you love her? Will you compromise your needs even a little? Will you take the time to tell her and show her how beautiful she is, and how much she is adored.

I believe Cinderella can find her love and appreciation from God foremost. But beyond that she needs a father to show her that love; a father or mother that believes in her so she can believe in herself. In her marriage, she needs her husband to show her that love as well. I challenge every man that reads this to take his princess to the ball again. Meaning, spend time with Cinderella, not necessarily go to a dance or ball. Indulge in the things she enjoys. Let her relax and just enjoy being in the moment with you. Treat her with all respect and much better than you would treat yourself. Send her an unexpected card, or roses and not just on an anniversary or holiday. Suprise her! Randomly, ask her to dance. Make her a nice candlelight dinner just because. Take her out to a nice dinner. No this is not an attempt get something for yourself, but to show her your love and appreciation.

You know I don't think Cinderella minds doing the work. She wants to do things for the family she loves. But let us not forget, that Cinderella does want to go to the ball again. It could be once a week, a month, at least 2 or 3 times a year. For all the husbands, if you can take her, I am positive she will take the time to seduce you. Isn't that what you want? Get to know her spiritually and emotionally and she will want to be with you sexually.

For all the fathers and husbands, or boyfriends that will not take her to the ball, Cinderella will find another way to get there. It may not be the safest way for her. She may seek an affair. It may lead her down a road with alcoholic, or drug abuse, or even toward unhealthy sexual relationships.

Cinderella needs to know that her Prince will come for her. She wants intimacy! She wants you to know her spiritually and emotionally. She wants to know that you'll never let her down, and that she can trust you with all of her being. Stand firm and be the man or Prince that she needs. Ask God for your strength to give it to her.

So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
'Cause I know something the prince never knew
Ohh-oh ohh-oh, I will dance with Cinderella
I don't wanna miss even one song,
Cuz all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone
She will be gone.

Thanks, Steven Curtis Chapman for a great song! Many prayers to you and your family due to the loss of your daughter. May this song always be a memorial for her. Let us not forget to take Cinderella to the ball before she is gone.

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