Friday, February 27, 2009

I See God

I see God in the face of a storm.
His bright eyes of lightning,
His wide mouth of thunder,
Speaks wisdom to my rainy life.

I see God in the bright day
His Son shines upon us
With calm soothing rays.
Pure creation divinely grows.

I see God in a prayer,
A desire of the heart,
Becomes reality for man
That rejoices in His existence.

I see God in a smile
Warming my presence,
Gazing with the eyes of a child,
Believing in me to draw closer.

I see God in a hopeless world
His tears fall on the crying,
Pleading us to come near,
To show the peace he surrounds.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wanted: A Few Good Men and Women

Our society today probably has more failed marriages than successful ones. I suppose it is not like it used to be, where one truly did believe in sticking with his or her spouse forever and honor it as a covenant and not just a contract. I do realize women and men are both at fault. Fireproof has proven to be a big hit among many Christians with spouses. Is it possible to fireproof every marriage? What about those that have struggled with abuse and affairs, can they survive? I believe only with God and prayer they can. It takes work on both sides. Here are some things I think are important needs for both the man and woman to have met. Perhaps, the lack of these needs have given reason to failed marriages.

A woman needs for her partner to:

listen to her problems willingly without trying to fix them.

say I love you and suprise her on a day other than a holiday.

share the TV remote with her.

help her with the share of household cleaning.

always keep it cool when there is an argument or a conflict, and don't overreact. Be an adult, and keep control of your actions. Ask for some space if needed.

spend time with her once a week, even when you would rather be doing something for yourself.

take her out on a date every now and then.

cook her dinner or make her breakfast in bed on a rare occasion.

spend time reading scripture with her, and share God's word together.

let her go out with friends, while you babysit for a change.

encourage her and tell her how beautiful she is.

spends time with her family as she has spent time with yours.

ask her to dance, even though you may not know how.

give her a little money to spend on herself.

spend time going to Church with her.

give her affection without expecting anything in return.

A man needs for his partner to:

tell him how great he is at something.

give him space to cool off when there is a conflict or heated argument.

resist in nagging him constantly.

cheer him on throughout life.

encourage him to go for his dreams.

submit to him and seduce him on occasion.

let him spend " a little bit" on himself, aside from his family's needs

always treat him respectfully with words and actions.

befriend him during a game or a favorite hobby.

let him be the hero and gentleman sometimes.

pray for him daily.

talk about him kindly in his absence.

make him his favorite food once in a while.

not only tell him you love him, but show him with actions.

This article is based on what I've learned from relationship books and personal experience from friends and myself. This article is not an attempt to refer or condemn anyone specifically. It is written for a hope that men and women both will humble themselves and focus on the other person's needs. That is what the new film, Fireproof, and loving someone unconditionally is all about.

For those spouses that have come to love unconditionally and treat your spouse as so, many singles are watching and have hope because of you. Keep prayer in your marriage so you won't fall. Please feel free to add any tips of your own from your successful marriage or unsuccessful one.

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