Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Update on Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Out of frustration and in response to several other complaints, I promised not to stand aside, and do nothing. I have sent out 4 letters as well as emails of complaints to our representatives: one to Senator Lindsey Graham, two for North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Elizabeth Dole, and one to North Carolina Governor Michael Easley.

Here are my own words.

Dear (Representative),
I applied for the Teacher Forgiveness Loan earlier this year. My request was denied because I had an “outstanding balance,” before October of 1998. Out of the 15,000 I borrowed, only $1000 was distributed on September 16, 1998. Because some of my loans were allocated before October 1998, I was declared ineligible, although I met all of the other requirements. I was a student when my first loan was disbursed. Obviously, I was unable to pay for my studies at that time. Since working as a teacher, I have not missed one payment, but I have struggled to make ends meet financially.

The above situation applies to many teachers throughout our nation. There is an online thread of teachers that have complained for being disqualified for this forgiveness program. I also wrote about this on my blog and received many complaints. The teacher loan program should not single out a particular date. Most teachers are in the field because we love children and we desire to make a change for the future. Yet, the rewards are few.

I believe you are in a position to help change the law to include loans that were received before October 1998. This would be a step towards rewarding many well deserved teachers. I hope that you will be one of the few senators that start standing up for this nation’s teachers. I am sending a copy of this letter to North Carolina state senators.

Hopefully, you, (Representative), can lead and convince others in changing this inequitable law.


Lisa Knight

Perhaps we should all write letters of complaints. Perhaps, someone will hear us or maybe not. It is certainly worth a shot.